Retire Early In Thailand 

Are you tired of the usual life, commuting, working all day, and stress ?
Do you want to start afresh with a new life ? 
Do you want to live in an exotic place such as Thailand ?

Did you know that you can live comfortably in Thailand for less than $1,000/month ?
Did you know that Forex Trading is the perfect job if you want to expatriate yourself in such a country ?
Did you know that gaining just 50 pips/day will allow you to make the $1,000 required to live a comfortable life here ?

I personally have been down this route, and I can help you take your decision, give advices about pros and cons of this new lifestyle, inform you about visas, marriage, cost of living, and all other aspects of living in a different culture.

I came to Thailand in 2007, first with a tourist visa, then a student visa (learning Thai language), then got married, and settled down with a marriage visa. My profits from trading allow me and my wife to live decently, without having to work excessively.
Actually I work only when I feel like it !!

So think about it !! If you are in a situation in your life where a new start would be welcome, think about coming to Thailand.
Most foreigners who come here for an extended period of time, never want to go back...

I can personally teach you how to get those 50 pips/day needed to be financially free and enjoy your life in The Land Of Smiles.

If you are interested, email me, or chat with me directly here.