This page is dedicated to the life work of Osho, in the hope that many people, especially the young generation, 
will take the time to listen to his truth and wisdom, which is truly enlightening in our fake and materialistic modern society. 
We need more than ever to realize the essence of his teachings, which is to reconnect with our true self, and love ourselves and others.

Below you will find an extensive list of his talks, which I am sharing here, as Osho himself wished that his work would be available for free.
Osho's Truth & Wisdom has had a tremendous influence on my view and understanding of life, and I sincerely hope it will touch your life as well.
If you sense the truth & wisdom of Osho's masterpiece, please share this page as much as possible, so that it is read by many people all over the world. 

I am well aware of the fact that many people blindly condemn Osho because of some disputed events that happened in his commune and 
were perpetrated by a few of his followers, and not by him. People who speak the truth are always the most hated by people who cannot grasp the message.
I invite real seekers of the truth to focus on Osho's MESSAGE, on what he is saying in his books and talks, 
and not on the drama that always happens around people who speak the truth and think outside the box.

Sadly, I myself had some haters try to put down a few of my posts about Osho, simply because they base their opinion 
on something they know nothing about, instead of focusing on the message included in his life work. Please don't be a blind hater yourself, 
read the books, listen to his talks, watch his videos, and then see for yourself if what he is saying resonates with you or not. 
If yes, you will find an immense source of truth and bliss, if not, then his message is simply not for you right now, and that's fine too.

The list is more or less in chronological order, but there might be occasional errors in some dates.
The list is also NOT complete, and should you have additional material that you want to share, please contact me HERE.

I wish you all a good read, and also advise you to watch his many videos on YouTube, 
as Osho himself says that truth lies not in his words, but in the silence between his sentences...

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