Future Of Forex Trading 

 OK, here is an important update regarding this website. 

All the services I offer are still available if you are interested. However, it has become clear to me that what people REALLY WANT is not free signals, is not managed accounts, and is not forex robots that will supposedly make you millions overnight. What people really want is to KNOW HOW TO TRADE THEMSELVES IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM. If I give you a fish, you can eat for a day, but if I teach you how to fish, you can eat forever on your own. Right ?! And this is even more crucial in this day and age where people KNOW that the economic and financial crisis is NOT OVER. We all know somewhere in the back of our mind that what we have experienced until now is just the beginning, because our current economic model based on greedy capitalism cannot sustain forever, and a total collapse or radical transformation is bound to occur sooner or later. That's how evolution works (and forex too by the way!): there is a trend, then a peak, and then it cannot go higher, so it has no choice but to collapse and start all over again. And only the ones that are strong and wise enough are left to start over... I am absolutely not a fear-monger, believe me, I am just realist. 

And there is another potential calamity that is looming: for sure you have noticed all the natural disasters that occurred more and more frequently over the last years. Guys, this cannot be good !! All the signs are there, and if we make some basic statistical analysis, we don't need to be Einstein to realise that a natural catastroph of epic proportions is likely to happen rather sooner than later. Of course we should all know that it could happen "anytime", but we should not fail to see the signs when they are there, and try to anticipate the consequences the best we can. 

So, ok, for the natural disasters, we have no control over, so there is not much we can do except some common sense precautions like not living near the sea where tsunamis can and will happen in the future. And who says we have seen the biggest ones yet ?! Nature is much more powerful than we realize, earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, tornados can wipe the surface of the Earth in an instant when Nature decides to show its power. This epic natural disaster might not happen during our lifetime, but the rate at which they currently happen all around the world shows that the Earth is very "active" now. All the earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes are a clear sign of that. We tend to see each event as a one-time isolated occurance, but it's not, everything is connected, we forget that the core of our planet is very much alive and powerful !

Ok, you will say that I'm rambling, and none of that has anything to do with forex trading, but my point is that WE ALL SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR A BIG CRISIS. The natural disaster might not happen during our lifetime, but for sure the financial economic crisis is still here, and it's only going to get worse, and potentially much worse, like a total collapse that will force Humanity to re-think its values, all its economical, financial, social systems that we now take for granted. And all this has already started to happen to a lesser degree, but it can get much worse. And it will affect everyone, rich, poor, everyone. Now we are already seeing populations all around the world starting to revolt against the 1% of the rich elite that controls the 99% of the world's population. It's happening right now, everywhere. Because of the internet and the way that information can now be shared more easily, people are beginning to wake up and revolt. So we are at a crossroad now, the poor starting to revolt more and more, and the rich desperately trying to keep them down and hold on to their power. 

For example, if you are a forex trader, and still don't believe that the market is totally manipulated by this elite, government, and "big dogs", and you think it is just random, then my friend, you have completely lost touch with reality. THE MARKET IS TOTALLY MANIPULATED by this elite, in a way that will make the small guys with small accounts and small Stop-Loss ALWAYS FAIL. Only the "big dogs" with huge accounts can make it in this ruthless market. It's like the big banks: they created this financial crisis by their uncontrolled greed, and the government even made the poor pay for the bills to rescue them. And then, they put in place some new rules like the ban of hedging, or the FIFO rule (First In First Out), which in effect renders forex trading impossible for retail traders. It actually makes all our trades impossible to succeed because of these new rules, unless you have a huge account with huge Stop-Loss. It actually guarantees the failure of small traders, and at the same time guarantees huge profits for the elite (big companies, corporations, governments). 

That's how the rich have always controlled the mass of the people during centuries... They create a problem on purpose, then the people demands answers and new rules for more security, then government implements those rules, and the result is that the poor always lose more and more freedom and money in the process. And since forex trading gives successful traders their financial freedom, it is a threat for the elite, they cannot allow too many of us to succeed (otherwise who will work for them ?), so they will soon probably find a way to ban trading all together. And even if it does not happen by their hands, it will happen anyway when the economy collapses totally.

This directs me to my point: forex trading has become so popular these last years, that it threatens the control that the rich have on the poor.
So they will likely find a way to ban it all together. Therefore, if you plan to be a successful forex trader, 
you better succeed NOW, and get your financial freedom NOW, or you will never make it. 
Don't spend many years trying to learn trading, and make all the same mistakes that all beginners make.
Don't waste time, and learn with a pro.

So... in my experience, only people that I have personally mentored have achieved financial freedom after a while.
Of course you can still opt for my managed accounts, but when I manage your account on your behalf, I have to be extremely careful, and therefore the potential of profit is less than what you could achieve by yourself, should you take a little more risk. The free forex signals are also something that does not work for all people, because even if the signals are good, you can still fail because of you not following them exactly, or simply because you can not have the time to take all of them, and decide to cherry-pick just a few of them, and it is likely that you will only get the bad trades and miss the good ones... 

So... in my opinion, based on the feedback that I have had with my clients over the last months, you are much more likely to succeed in forex if you take
my private tutoring offer, rather than my other services. Of course it is not for everyone, if you have a day job and do not have the required time to trade,
then the managed accounts are still your best option, but if you really want to be a full-time successful forex trader, consider taking my Private Tutoring Offer

NOW !! before it's too late !!!