Demo Trading With Virtual Fake Money 

If you have never traded before, there is a way for you to try trading with fake money, 
this is the best way to experience for yourself how trading works, and see how easy it it to make or lose money !!

Most Forex Brokers actually offer a full-featured trading platform called "Metatrader 4 (MT4)", and allow you to open a Demo Account with fake virtual money. You can then learn and practice for many months until you feel confident enough to trade with your own money.

There are many Brokers offering MT4.
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 My Broker Of Choice: 

If you want to be successful in Forex Trading, you MUST ABSOLUTELY work with a broker that is NOT a Market Maker.
When you work with a Market Maker, all your trades go through their Dealing Desk where it can be manipulated against you 
(re-quotes, delays, slippage, increase of spread, Stop-Loss hunting, taking the opposite side of your trade, etc...).

To avoid these dishonest brokers who are out to get your money, you MUST ABSOLUTELY work with a TRUE ECN/STP broker.
ECN means Electronic Communication NetworkSTP means Straight Through Processing.
Basically, it means that when you open a trade, it goes straight through the InterBank System, without passing through a broker's Dealing Desk.
Therefore, price cannot be manipulated, and it always corresponds to the reality of the Market.

There are very few True ECN/STP Brokers out there.
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