Is Not A Company 

This website is run by a single individual nicknamed 'Fox Weiser', which is an anagram for 'Forex Wise'I keep my real name undisclosed because it has been my experience that the forex business is full of spammers, scammers, and other cunning people, so I want to protect my privacy. However, you can contact me easily and chat with me directly here.

My first goal was to build a website where I would have at hands all the tools that I use while trading. I always wanted to have chatrooms and discuss with other traders about chart analysis and the market in general. This makes for a more fun trading experience.

Since the forex business is most of the times run by greedy people who only care about their profit, I could not find free chatrooms on the internet, it seems there always was a fee. So I decided to build my own website with a free chatroom. However, I now realize that it is very difficult to get enough traffic to have many people visiting the chatroom at the same time...

My goal was honestly not to make a profit out of this, I do not sell anything, except advertising space on my pages, 
which I hope will help pay for the costs of running a website.

However I recently had the idea to add My Own Forex Services, which I do not actively try to sell. It is just something that I will offer to people who request it. Since it requires work from my part, there will be a fee of course. 

 More About Me 

I am a male, below 40, born in Switzerland, but now living in Thailand. Like many others, I got laid off by my company, but instead of following the usual path of applying for unemployment benefits, I decided to head for Thailand where my savings would allow me to live decently for an extended time without income. This allowed me to immerse myself in the study of forex trading for a full year.

After many ups and downs, many trials and errors, many periods of success followed by many drawdowns and despair, I finally managed to find a strategy that works for me, CONSISTENTLY !!

Since that day, I started enjoying my life in Thailand, with a financial freedom that allows me to work only when I feel like it, and with much more enthusiasm than ever before.

But don't get me wrong: forex trading is a serious business where you will need all your brainpower, knowledge, attention, discipline, and consistency.

However, I believe that we can successfully run a serious business, without having to be serious ourselves and act like so-called 'professionals' whose strategy is to look serious, in the hope of deceiving you into whatever they have to sell.

I am trading forex, this is serious business, but I am not a serious person, I actually trade half-naked in my home, while listening to music, playing guitar, chatting, surfing the internet, and casually sipping a drink !! I could actually trade from the beach, except that I currently live in the north of Thailand, where there is no sea... 

I have achieved success in forex trading in a fun and exciting way, by chatting with many people, sharing information, watching videos on YouTube, etc... and not by reading boring books or economical reports... 

I love to trade. The great feeling I get with a successful trade is always there.
The adrenaline rush I get when the trade goes against me is always there as well...

Even though we are supposed to know what we are doing, and control our losses, trading forex is closely related to gambling, it is almost the same addiction that gamblers get in a casino. For sure the feelings are there, and that's what makes forex trading fun and exciting.

Some people prefer to trade alone, be very concentrated on their analysis, in a calm environment. But I have always thought that fun is needed in our lives, even when doing something serious. When we do something with love, passion, happiness and fun, the outcome is always better than if we do it out of boredom or necessity.

Watching forex charts all day would be dull and boring if we didn't add such exciting activities as chatting with other traders, or listening to music. For those who trade from home like me, we have this luxury of being able to work in a casual manner, so let's enjoy life, let's make some money, and don't get too serious about it !!

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