Shark Attack 

 Is It Even Possible To Get A Clearer Entry And Exit Signal ? 

 Why The Shark ?

I had the idea of calling this strategy the "Shark Attack" simply because the main ingredient is the white line, which, when it changes direction, creates a peculiar V-shape pattern that ressembles the sharp teeth of a Great White Shark. It is probably mostly in my imagination, but I had to find a name for this strategy, so here it is...

So the white line, called "The Shark", serves as the only support and resistance level.
It is an indicator that captures the momentum, and takes you out as soon as price starts to retrace, so it is perfect for scalping, but it will not work if you want to ride a long-term trend. However, since I trade the H4 chart or above, even a small momentum move of a few candles can generate 100-200-300 pips... So I'm scalping the higher timeframes with this method, which is perfect for me, because it allows me to live my life during the day and not being glued to my screen for hours.

If you watch the chart above, you will notice how closely the white line follows the price, as if "The Shark" was chasing a fleeing fish... hence the name "Shark Attack", because it goes so fast that the next candle could turn around and generate an opposite signal. This is the quickest indicator that you will ever find, it reacts to price movements VERY FAST, and as soon as price shows the first sign of hesitation, the line will move to the opposite side of the candle, which represents a signal in the opposite direction.

Of course, since the forex market constantly moves up and down, not all signals are valid, therefore I use the following other indicators to filter out bad trades.

The main trick is to make sure that "The Shark" is matching the same direction on all above timeframes, which will ensure that we are in a strong trend.
In the example above, the MN chart was up, the W1 was up, the D1 was up, and I entered on the H4 signal, for a successful move of +158 pips !!

The dotted line must cross the Shark at around the same time as the Shark signal (or usually a bit earlier).

The 2 bottom indicators are used to confirm and filter out bad setups, both must match the same direction.

This is just a small summary of this strategy, if you want to learn the full thing, please apply for my one-on-one Private Tutoring course.

 Because you need to be an expert trader, if you hope to escape the Shark Attack alive !! 

You can download my "Shark Attack" template for Metatrader MT4, including all indicators used for this strategy:

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