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 Caution !! 
This is a very dangerous way to trade, but very profitable, if you know how to identify a clear and strong multi-timeframes trend.
I trade like that on a special account where potential margin call is part of the strategy, therefore I need to withdraw my profits regularly.
Obviously I do not trade this strategy for my clients, because nobody wants to see a drawdown, even if it is carefully controlled.

 Download my custom-made Expert Advisor (EA) for Metatrader (MT4) 

Drawdown Buster (Version 1.00)

This Expert Advisor does not tell you when to buy or sell. Here is how to use it:
- Wait until an extended up or down move occurs,
- When you feel like it is safe to enter in the opposite direction, activate the Drawdown Buster by placing it on the chart,
- Choose the settings appropriate to your money management rules and risk appetite, then click OK,
- A pop-up will ask you if you want to buy or sell, select the option of your choice,
- The Drawdown Buster will enter 1 market order + 9 limit orders below, spaced according to your settings (we recommend 100 pips),
- The target and stop-loss will be entered according to your settings as well (we recommend no stop-loss for this strategy),
- If the target is reached, the EA will automatically close all pending orders,
- If a drawdown occurs, it will activate the limit orders one by one,
- Eventually, price will go back up, and you will make a profit.
- You can set the limit orders with increased increments (0.10, 0.11, 0.12...) so that when price starts to go back up,
you will be in profit before it reaches the original market order, allowing you to get out of the drawdown with a profit even if you choose
to close trades that are still in negative.

The Drawdown Buster is a handy tool to save time, but you still have to decide by yourself when it is safe to buy or sell. 
In case of an extended drawdown, you have to take the appropriate measures to counteract the losses (cutting trades, hedging, etc...)

I recommend to use this strategy if you have a big account, use mini-lots, and set a big enough gap between limit orders.
You must also withdraw your profits regularly in order to still be profitable in the long run, even in case of a margin call.

If you use too big lots, or the limit orders are too tight, it will soon blow up your account, so beware!!



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