My Strategies 

Over the years I have tried so many strategies, indicators, Expert Advisors, etc., and most of them ultimately failed in the long-run.

The problem with Forex Trading is that, it seems easy to find a good strategy, backtest it and find that the results are positive.
However, studying chart history when it's right there in front of your eyes is much different than trading live, 
when you can't be sure where price will be in the next 5 minutes !!

A strategy can be called successful when it brings regular profits over years, because the market runs in different cycles,
and a strategy can be very profitable for a month or two, and then collapse when the market's behavior changes.

That's why I am now trading only with my time-tested profitable strategies, which have been successful for me for the past 3 years.
The first one is called the Rainbow Dragon© and is the main strategy that I use.

The second one, the Drawdown Buster©, can't really be called trading.
It is more like "controlled gambling", but can be very profitable if a set of basic rules are followed to the letter.

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