Use Metatrader 4 (MT4) on your Mac without the need to install Windows !!! 

As you know, MT4 is only available for Windows computers.

However, it is possible to use it on your Mac if you install Windows as well, which defeats the purpose of buying a Mac, since we wanted to get rid of Windows...

You can also try to install a virtualization software like Parallels Desktop, but it makes everything complicated, slow, and not too reliable (and the platform isn't free...)

But we have found a way to install MT4 directly on your Mac, without the need to install Windows.

You simply need to install a file of around 80MB, and your MT4 will be installed and look just like on Windows.

This is definitely the best, easiest, cheapest, most convenient and reliable way to use MT4 on your Mac !!

 Get your MT4 on your Mac now !! 

 MT4 for MAC

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