Best Forex Broker (True ECN/STP) 

Your choice of forex broker is crucial for the future of your trading career.
Many brokers out there are not so honest, and some are even scammers who will do anything to get your money.
We highly recommend that you avoid Market Makers, and instead choose a True ECN/STP Broker such as HotForex.
Market Makers are usually the choice of novice traders who will soon be losers, because they do not know any better.
True ECN/STP Brokers are the choice of professional traders who know better.

 My Broker Of Choice: 

If you want to be successful in Forex Trading, you MUST ABSOLUTELY work with a broker that is NOT a Market Maker.
When you work with a Market Maker, all your trades go through their Dealing Desk where it can be manipulated against you 
(re-quotes, delays, slippage, increase of spread, Stop-Loss hunting, taking the opposite side of your trade, etc...).

To avoid these dishonest brokers who are out to get your money, you MUST ABSOLUTELY work with a TRUE ECN/STP broker.
ECN means Electronic Communication NetworkSTP means Straight Through Processing.
Basically, it means that when you open a trade, it goes straight through the InterBank System, without passing through a broker's Dealing Desk.
Therefore, price cannot be manipulated, and it always corresponds to the reality of the Market.

There are very few True ECN/STP Brokers out there.
One of them, which logically happens to have the best review on (the highest number of reviews + 4 out of 5 stars) is HotForex.
They also offer FREE VPS and a 100% BONUS ON ALL DEPOSITS, so you can double your account size.
Make the right choice and open a Premium Account (min. $500), or a Micro Account (min. $5) using this link:

If you use this link to open your account, you will be under my downline and I will personally help you become successful.
You will qualify to get my 
And then you can also build 
by using MY trades to trade for your own clients and get a 60% Revenue Share + 25% Tier Program 5-Levels Deep.
This is how big money is made in the long run.

HotForex best forex broker true ECN STP

If you want to take it a step further, you can also choose to turn this opportunity into
Here is how it works:

     2) Register and fund your Premium Account ($500 minimum), or Micro Account ($5 minimum), using this link:     
     3) Then you give me your login & password, and I will trade your account 1 MONTH FOR FREE.
     4) At the end of the month, you will know that my trading is profitable.
     5) Then you can choose to stop, or choose to continue forward to the next months, in which case you need $5,000 in your account, and my fee is 30% of profits.
     6) Once you start seeing that your account is growing, you can ask me to become an IB Affiliate (Introducing Broker), and start referring your own clients.
     7) Using a Multi-Terminal MT4 software, you will be able to easily replicate my trades into the accounts of your own clients.
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     10) You can easily turn all of those income sources into your own fantastic money-making residual income forex trading business. It takes time, but it works !!

Note: I really recommend that you opt for the Premium Account instead of the Micro Account. You will get a Personal Account Manager and other advantages, 
and since you must have $5,000 in your account anyway if you choose to continue with my service after the free trial month, it would be a bit stupid to have a
Micro Account with $5,000 inside. You must also understand that it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to make a profit with only $5.
My opinion is that, if you cannot invest even a small amount like $500, then Forex Trading is definitely not for you, and you should give up this idea right now.
So please make the smart choice and open a Premium Account, and make sure to ask for a maximum leverage of 1:100.

Even if you cannot trade yourself, you can still be the owner of a successful forex business by using my trades to grow the accounts of your own clients.
This offer may not last forever, because when I reach a certain level myself, I may choose to stop taking new clients on board.

HotForex best ECN STP forex trading broker
Should you need any help, please contact me.

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Choosing the right broker is crucial in this business.
Throughout the years, I have been approached by many brokers, who tried everything (including spamming me) to get me to work with them.
Now, I have taken a great deal of time & negotiations to finally decide to do business with HotForex.

Don't take my words for it, go to
Then sort the table by the number of reviews, which is very important.
You will see that, as of 2015.08.15, HotForex comes up with 329 reviews, and 4 out of 5 stars, which makes them the MOST TRUSTED BROKER.
Of course, as always, you find the occasional complaint (which in many cases comes from ignorant novice traders),
but at least HotForex takes the time and resources to have a representative answering such reviews and trying to solve the problem.

HotForex is the winner of 12 industry awards, including Best Forex Affiliate Program 2012-12013.
They are regulated in Cyprus by the CySEC and in Mauritius by the FSC. They allow traders to access interbank spreads through the MT4 platform.

HotForex is a true ECN/STP (Electronic Communication Network/Straight Through Processing) forex broker.
HotForex is positioned as the preferred broker for scalpers and for those who use automated trading programmes (Expert Advisors or Robots).
 HotForex are NOT a Market Maker, they trade with you, and not against you. 

 When you open a trade with HotForex, you can be sure that there is no dealing desk that takes a position against you.
For those of you with a bit of experience, you will appreciate this fact, as it is a huge advantage that very few brokers provide.
This is in many cases, what makes the very difference between an honest and a dishonest broker.
When the transactions go straight through the Electronic Communication Network, without passing through a Dealing Desk where it can be manipulated,
the price that you get always corresponds to the reality of the Market.

All client accounts are segregated and independently administered by NinetyEast Fund Services Limited, which currently oversees more than a billion dollars from its worldwide offices. Client funds that are sent to third party liquidity suppliers are therefore first approved by NinetyEast
When a client requests a withdrawal, NinetyEast also processes the request.

HotForex' moto: "Honesty, Openness, Transparency" really does sound true.

In any case, I was very impressed by their level of customer service.
My Personal Account Manager replied to all my questions on Skype and even called me overseas on my mobile, just to answer all my doubts.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they added my bank fees of $59.45 to my initial deposit, without my asking !! And my account was funded in just 1 day.
On top of that, they offer many kinds of bonuses, including a 
100% BONUS ON ALL DEPOSITS, so you can double your account size !!
(although you should read the conditions to understand the implications).
They also offer a FREE VPS to traders who maintain a $5,000 account.
Believe me, all of this makes for a perfect package deal !!

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However good a broker seems to be, they are still a third party company, and as such, I cannot be responsible for them.
I have done my own due-diligence before deciding to work with them, and so should you.
But please believe that I have not taken this decision to work with them lightly, it is the future of my own business that depends on it.

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I know all this may look a bit difficult for beginners who are new to this business, but in fact it is really simple.
Should you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to Contact Me

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